NEC and Getronics announce their self-check-in solution for hotels in Spain

Smart Check-in for Hotels enriches the guest experience and boosts safety, security and efficiency The solution drives Digital Transformation in Hospitality and helps Protect Guests against COVID-19

Madrid, Hilversum, 12 May 2021 – NEC Enterprise Solutions and Getronics announce the introduction in the Iberia market of Smart Check-in for Hotels, a revolutionary self-service solution that streamlines the check-in and check-out process with an easy-to-use, automated interface that walks the guest through the arrival and departure check-in process, without the need of contact with staff.

“As technology continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry, meeting the growing expectations of guest have never been more critical”, says Kees van Donk, Senior Director Travel, Hospitality & Leisure at NEC Enterprise Solutions, global leader in Communications & IT solutions and the company behind this novel development, whose implementation and integration are carried out by Getronics in Spain and Portugal.

“Whether checking in for business or pleasure, guest experiences must be convenient, welcoming and frictionless. Our revolutionary self-service solution transforms the guest experience. It enables a guest to walk up to the Kiosk, verify their identity through facie match or a previously received QR-code, pull up their reservation information, add a payment option if needed, encode their room key cards and receive their room assignment”, van Donk adds. “At check-out the guest at the Smart Kiosk selects the check-out options, reviews and confirms the charges. Billing is immediately completed and a confirmation with receipt is sent to the guest’s email - with minimum disruption.”

"Our focus is on introducing new solutions that help our customers, especially in these critical moments for the sector", explains Joan Marcer, Director of Sales Workplace & Cloud at Getronics. "Smart Check-in for Hotels is one more help to reduce waiting times and optimize the management of arrivals and departures, but also facilitates compliance to security measures and, above all, boosts guest confidence, which is so important these days”.

Fully integrated with other Hospitality systems
Smart Check-in for Hotels, developed by NEC and implemented by Getronics, integrates easily with a property’s PMS system as well as face matching software, touch screen display, camera, Passport/ID reader, credit card payment device and door key encoder. The software immediately alerts staff when a room has been assigned and when the guest has officially checked out. While guests can choose their language of choice, the interface is fully customizable, completely in line with the brand and marketing standards of the hotel-group, or independent property.

Not just hotels
The use of NEC’s Smart Guest Check-in Kiosk is not limited to hotels. In the Cruiseline industry for instance, a particular requirement is smooth and speedy passenger boarding, not only at check-in and check-out, but also when disembarking and re-embarking during shoreline excursions. Stringent directives mandate that cruise ships ensure staff know at any moment which guests, crew and visitors are shoreside or onboard. Smart Check-in automates and fully integrates this with features that make embarkation and debarkation quicker, simpler and less intrusive.
For a brief introduction to NEC’s Smart Guest Check-in solution:

Supplier of choice to the Hospitality industry
Across all major geographic regions NEC is one of the key suppliers of choice to the Hospitality industry. By merging leading IT and Communication technologies, NEC deploys solutions with the scalability, capability and affordability to meet the demanding business needs of hotels, event centres, cruiselines and travel organizations.

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Getronics has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of IT solutions in the tourism sector, from legacy solutions, such as voice communication systems, to innovative solutions for digital transformation, applications and geolocation technologies for improvement of the stay and the guest experience, among others.


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