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The pressures of a dynamically changing world including changing demographics place new demands on the public sector. Civilians expect responsive, efficient and accountable services from their government bodies. They have little tolerance for bureaucratic delays due to inefficient systems and processes, or lack of communication between isolated departments.

A digital government offers tremendous potential to improve how authorities deliver public services and strengthen communities. Cloud computing, big data and mobile apps expand opportunities to connect with more citizens and better understand their reasoning and requirements. Integrated voice and data networks improve communications, increase productivity, enhance service provision and reduce costs.

High Availability

Centralized contact centers, integrated public safety and justice systems, and simplified processes help to improve efficiencies that translate into lower operational costs and speedier processes. With IT systems playing an increasingly pivotal role in delivering public services, preventing their downtime is essential for preserving ongoing government operations, and enhancing the wellbeing of its citizens.

NEC Solutions for Government

NEC's proven reputation as an established provider of quality, reliable and innovative IT & Communications solutions has made us one of the world's most successful suppliers to governmental and semi-governmental bodies. NEC delivers a comprehensive set of products and services for the government sector.

Vetted Initiatives

With one of the broadest IT portfolios in the industry, NEC is uniquely positioned to resolve government-specific challenges at the federal, state and local level with adaptive and cost-effective strategies by making full use of our leading and accredited technologies.

Our solutions and services are customizable according to need and budgetary constraints.
Working with NEC, government agencies and employees gain access to:

Award-Winning Technologies
Our identity and biometric solutions offer the most accurate and efficient multimodal identification systems (face, fingerprint, iris) available, contributing to enhanced safety of facilities, institutions and federal employees as well as improved civilian protection.

Accredited Tools
Our software-based unified communications and collaboration solution is accredited for defense-wide deployment by the U.S. Department of Defense, bringing vigorous communications and collaboration functionality to the armed forces and other federal outfits.

Enriched Capabilities
Our managed services for IT infrastructure work to design and deliver secure, scalable and reliable communications and IT frameworks that support advanced technologies, services and knowledge sharing based on more than 117 years of engineering and real-world expertise.

Proven Engineering
Our communications networking equipment meets the demand for high capacity, feature-rich, end-to-end networking infrastructure that sustains coverage, quality and capacity to improve support for the proliferation of devices and practices that rely on continuously available and secure network performance.

Leading The Transformation

NEC is committed in bringing together our best-in-class integrated technology and expertise to create the information communications technology-enable society where our solutions contribute to greater safety, security, efficiency and equality. Our aim is to allow people to live richer more fulfilling lives.

Our technologies and expertise is already making a difference in the following federal and state jurisdictions:

Civilian Government

Critical Infrastructure

Defense & Intelligence

Homeland Security & Immigration

Law Enforcement


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