Wireless Infrastructure

On-site, Off-site & Multi-site wireless communications

SL2100, SV9100, SV9500, 3C & UNIVERGE BLUE

NEC provides a scalable, resilient wireless network with a wide range of indoor and outdoor access points for a high quality user experience. We deliver wired-like performance and predictability,support application-level visibility and control to help ensure business critical applications come first.

On-site wireless telephony
on your IP Network

Business Mobility IP DECT provides users access to the company’s corporate directory. At all times the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization are at hand. Users can also see the presence of the person they need. No need to search for personal contact information or consult the nearest PC screen, just browse to the right person in your DECT handset and check the person’s presence status.

 Proven Reliability
DECT has been around for a while and still is the best possible mobility solution for practically all businesses. 

 Multi-site Mobility
IP DECT provides wireless communications in a multi-site business or campus environment.

 Easy Deployment and Managment
The DECT powerful management tool supports Central Management. Scalability from 1 to 2000 Access Points. Handset software downloadable ‘through the air’. Central DAP controllers with redundancy and virtualization options.

 Corporate Directory /  Presence Status
At all times the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization are at hand. Users can also see the presence of the person they need.

 Text and Alarm Messaging
Staff can be alerted in case of incidents or emergencies. Individual messages to terminals, broadcast messages to a group of terminals and confirmation messages by the user. Different priority levels to differentiate between messages.

 Location Detection
Locating DECT handsets and their users can be essential if e.g. staff need immediate assistance. Via the SOS button the system sets off alerts for assistance, and automatically provides location information.

open architecture

DECT offers a wireless communication technology well appreciated for its voice quality and openness to business applications in vertical markets. This basis offers an extensive set of voice features on both customer premise SIP platforms and UC services from the cloud. The messaging and location detection capabilities are key components for integration with task management and personal safety applications.

Multi-site mobility

Business Mobility IP DECT provides wireless telephony in a multi-site business or campus environment. Organizations with a main office and different branch offices for instance simply install IP DECT Access Points at remote locations, which form one cluster with all other Access Points via the company’s network infrastructure.

NEC AP500 DECT Access Point


The NEC AP500 Series DECT base stations provides a cost effective wireless solution combined with crystal clear voice for seamless onsite mobility. The AP500 series offers mobility solutions ranging from a single cell to a large multi-site system. Areas outside buildings can be covered by outdoor access points while DECT repeaters are available for extending the range of AP500 base stations. The AP500 system is easy to manage by a webGUI offered by the integrated software of AP500 base stations.

Together with the NEC G277 and G577 DECT Handsets  the AP500 series offers an extensive set of call features both on NEC’s on premise and on the cloud platform UNIVERGE BLUE.

The AP400 Series is the existing IP DECT series of access points offering added value in vertical market segments like hospitality and healthcare. It also supports BLE location detection in personal safety solutions.

IP DECT Handsets


NEC’s latest DECT Messaging and Location Service (DMLS) on the AP500 DECT Repeater is a game changer for a number of industries, especially healthcare and hospitality.

Messages can be shared via integration with nurse call systems, task management and safety applications like fire alarm systems as well as between DECT handsets.

Key features include:

  • Messages can be Normal or Urgent
  • Accept & reject messages by telephone user
  • SOS key for the G577 handset
  • User to User messaging

NEC AP500 DECT Access Point

NEC AP500 DECT Access Point

The AP500 Series
DECT Repeater

The AP500 Series DECT Repeater ensures more coverage and range, guaranteeing perfect quality and interruption-free calls across larger premises.

Each repeater adds an extra range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. Combined with encrypted daisy chaining this adds 150m indoors or 900m outdoors range to a base.

  • Connects directly to the IP network
  • Wall mounting, ceiling mounting and table stand
  • Central directory on the base station with LDAP support
  • Caller identification
  • Lists of missed, received and dialed calls
  • Seamless handover


NEC’s BLE Location Solution is a sophisticated RTLS (Real-Time Location System) system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for indoor localization of persons. Staff members and residents can be protected by means of beacon devices which are detected by Location Gateways that are strategically positioned throughout a building. They report the beacon ID’s to NEC’s Location Engine and the information is shared with application servers such as for staff alarming and for patient wander detection.


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