BLE Location Solution for IP DECT

Indoor localization of anything that matters


NEC’s BLE Location Solution is a sophisticated RTLS (Real-Time Location System) system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for indoor localization. Staff members, residents and assets can be protected by means of beacon devices which are detected by Location Gateways that are strategically positioned throughout the building. An ideal solution for staff alarming, asset tracking and patient wander detection in e,g, healthcare, warehousing and security guard services.


For staff safety, the location solution adds location information to a personal alarm. In case a staff member presses the alarm key on his/her handset, a message is sent to other staff members with in that message also the location of the member under duress. This helps staff in offering better and timelier assistance. Personal alarms can be initiated by NEC DECT handsets such as the G577 and I766. The BLE beacon ID of these handsets are detected in real-time by the Location Gateways and stored in the Location Engine. When an alarm occurs, the location information is immediately available to immediately alert other staff.


In institutes like elderly homes, care institutions and psychiatric clinics, patients or residents wearing a wrist band can be monitored and detected when approaching a door or elevator. The beacon ID of the wrist band will be detected by a Location Gateway installed at the doorway. The Location Gateway will directly send a signal to the Location Engine, which will immediately send a trigger event to the alarm server Mobicall. Mobicall will then follow up with the appropriate action like for instance locking the door, depending on preconfigured policies.


The technology behind BLE location solution allows for more use cases such as asset - and people tracking and way finding. Use cases can include frequently-used moving objects, vehicles such as forklift trucks in logistics or on building sites, as well as for valuables in office premises, hotels or museums. In all use cases the application server plays an essential role, analyzing the data provided via the DMLS interface and acting accordingly.


The NEC 8200 Location Gateway (LG) is a sophisticated part of NEC’s BLE Location Solution. It can be placed in rooms, or in doorways to detect the entering and leaving of specific zones. The gateway unit receives beacon ID’s from various devices and uses the IP DECT backbone network to NEC Location Engine.


A typical BLE Location Solution comprises of a number of Location Gateways, beacons and handsets, an IP DECT system, a Location Engine and a DMLS (DECT Messaging and Location Service) interface to the application server MobiCall. When a BLE beacon enters the detection area of an LG, this is reported to the LE. Dedicated algorithms combine the information from multiple LG’s and derive the location of the beacon.

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