Smart Cruise Solutions

A Luxury guest experience for comfort, quality, safety, reliability and flexibility

Enabling cruise and ferry companies to maximize passenger experience, services, safety and satisfaction

NEC’s Smart Cruise Solutions ensure you – shipbuilder, owner, staff and passenger - of the utmost in comfort, quality, safety, efficiency and reliability. Maximizing passenger experience, services and satisfaction, we connect passengers and crew with the information they need. And what’s more … we are here to stay!


As renowned innovator with over 40 years of experience in the industry, NEC combines its rich portfolios in IT and Communications to provide the technologies, services and expertise that from the moment of check-in make life on board more enjoyable, more efficient and more safe and secure.

This makes NEC across all geographic regions key supplier of IT & Communications to the Cruise Line industry. Integration of wired and wireless communications, applications, server and storage solutions maximize passenger and crew benefits and


Any present day shipbuilder and cruise line company is aware of the mission critical role reliable and sophisticated IT & Communications play in the day to day operations on board. Advances in technology and the digital transformation of business processes not only bring new opportunities for additional services and unprecedented entertainment. They also are enhancing passenger safety, ensuring smooth operations and boosting staff efficiency.

NEC has always been at the forefront of developments and innovations, including IP DECT - the most favoured and successful technology for wireless on premise communications. Using its own dedicated spectrum, DECT provides crystal-clear voice quality and excellent security and reliability, without any disturbance.

RETROFIT for vessels

NEC has vast experience in delivering advanced solutions for new build vessels as well as in the retrofit of vessels in order to bring them up to scratch to the latest standards of comfort and technology.

NEC was unique in developing and introducing DECT Dual Band, enabling ships to use DECT at different international ports where frequency bands differ. Switching to the correct frequency band is done automatically through GPS. This technology has been installed on numerous - new build and existing - ships. Optimised technology ensures seamless handover throughout the entire ship, while powerful encryption techniques guarantee secure communications. A wide range of advanced telephone features and innovative applications add to the hospitality experience of passengers and efficiency of crew.



NEC applications unify communication streams and optimize staff workflows. Alarm notification and emergency calls increase safety and security, while wireless communications ensure passengers and crew stay connected wherever they are. NEC’s Fault Tolerant servers ensure 24/7 operation, while our advanced data storage and data management solutions scale to the most demanding requirements.

NEC’s UNIVERGE Integration Platform (UIP) ties disparate software systems together to function as one complete end-to-end solution. It connects any application/data source and enables comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) management – whether in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Its intuitive interface helps accelerate agility on board by being able to quickly and easily design, implement and modify workflows integrating the most advanced features.


A particular one of such workflows is passenger check-in and check-out when boarding or disembarking. This traditionally is ‘rush hour’ for passengers as well as for crew. This process can be smoothed by applications running on self-service kiosks and terminals, automating and speeding up the check-in/check-out process.

These can be integrated in advanced workflows including cabin allocation and access, billing, passenger counting, routing and guidance.


Drawing on latest powerful mobile technologies, NEC adds further value by extending the reach of a ship’s onboard network to include communications ashore, including:

  • Docks and Terminals (for e.g. advanced check-in, staff connectivity)
  • Islands and Resorts (passenger & staff connectivity, smart tour guide, messaging and notifications)

This capability significantly enhances both passenger experience and staff efficiency. Passengers stay connected while ashore, with access to valuable information, notifications and services and can enjoy the benefits of additional entertainment. Staff while ashore, remain seamlessly connected with one another and have all information at hand to ensure safety and security and provide best possible service to passengers.


NEC’s Communications and IT solutions help the Hospitality sector to control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return. Some of the cruise line companies, ship yards and partners that rely on NEC’s communications and application solutions are:

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