High Availability

Safeguarding the enterprise from
detrimental disruptions

Ensuring Responsive Continuity

Today’s high performance enterprises depend on reliable access to tools, information and people to persistently operate smartly and compete effectively. This requires a robust communications and IT infrastructure capable of providing always-on availability that can also self heal should potential service disruptions occur.

The Perils of Complacency

Not taking high availability (HA) seriously has its risks. When infrastructure fails the consequences can be costly, including:





Solutions That Perform

Whether looking to support a specific mission-critical business function or in need of a highly resilient ecosystem, NEC’s HA solutions set provides the functionality and reliability required.

From feature-rich communications solutions that make employee and customer engagement effortless and immediate to software and hardware offerings that recover quickly should disaster strike, our integrated and highly available solutions are simple to deploy, easy to maintain and provide the robust and comprehensive functionality to protect critical applications, information and relationships.

NEC High Availability solutions set includes:

Unified Communications Solutions

UNIVERGE® SV9500 & UNIVERGE 3C Dynamic work environment Single point configuration Highly reliable

NEC Fault Tolerant Servers

Express5800/FT Series Virtual appliance Easy deployment 99.999% system uptime*

NEC High Availability Clustering Software

NEC EXPRESSCLUSTER Software & hardware monitoring Local and remote 200+ apps support**

NEC Fault Tolerant Servers & High Availability Clustering Software

NEC Fault Tolerant Server & NEC EXPRESSCLUSTER Dependable solution Multi-data center Disaster recovery

* An average of less than 6 minutes downtime per year. This is a theoretical value calculated by NEC
** Verification experience with 200+ applications as of April 2016

99.999% Reliability

When it comes to server reliability, there is no better solution than the NEC Express58000 fault tolerant (FT) product line. A combination of redundant hardware and redundancy control software enables 99.999% uptime* for immediate failover and server virtualization protection.

Empowering Industries

Our HA solutions set is ideally suited to market sectors where mission-critical performance is of vital importance.
For example, sectors such as:


Delivering high-quality
care to patients
without downtime.



Ensuring the stablity
of public services
to citizens.



Providing a reliable
learning environment to
students and educators.



Enhancing the guest
experience with more
memorable stays.


Proven Real-World Results

Enterprises and their customers are already experiencing positive outcomes from working with NEC and by using our HA solutions.
Take for instance how we HA-enabled the following customers:

Atlantic City
International Airport

Transforming airport first responders’ lines of communications.


Greater Louisville

Enriching member
experiences with
better collaboration.


Sewer District

Streamlining water
treatment through
increased oversight.


Fulfilling Customers Expectations

“Even though NEC’s fault tolerant server and virtualization solution make administration easier and lowers costs, security and continuity of service remain our top priorities at Intersnack France. It was these two criteria that prevailed in choosing NEC and its high availability solution.”

Alain Roche
Head of Systems and Networks / Chief Architect of IT Infrastructure Overhaul
Intersnack France

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