Solutions for Society

Technology advancing human potential and social change

Changes for the Better

Technology, with its ability to transform and improve, holds the potential of delivering new paradigms in efficiency, safety and security. This has beneficial implications for almost every aspect of our lives. Whether the outcome is the development or improvement of products or processes, the result is the same: More convenient and comfortable lives made possible through advanced technologies and services.

Realizing Social Value

Advancing human potential isn't new to NEC. Since the company was founded in 1899, our award-winning technologies with our commitment to innovation have resulted in many socially beneficial firsts. We have a rich heritage of contributing to society as a whole and in helping the organizations that leverage our solutions and services to bring new value to society.

A Vision of the Future

NEC's mission as a global leader in information communications technology is to leverage our core competencies and use our technologies to create social worth by improving the way people live, work and communicate. Defined as Solutions for Society, this key objective is the strategic purpose behind the company's principal branding:

Through the continuous evolution of our information communications portfolio, NEC is dedicated to recognizing opportunities and transforming them into proven solutions and services capable of advancing human potential and delivering social change for the better.

How Is Change Being Achieved?

NEC's Smart Enterprise platform, the result of 117 years of technical innovation, leverages our collective advances to help solve some of today's most complex societal and business challenges. With one of the industry's largest portfolios, NEC's advanced solutions and services combined with our broad range of industry-specific expertise, robust partner ecosystem and global resources work together to realize our commitment and to provide viable ways of advancing security, safety and operational efficiencies for the good of society as a whole.

A Collaborative Effort

To accomplish our commitment to providing Solutions for Society, NEC cooperates and collaborates with partners and customers from around the world. It is this openness to alliances that allows us to continuously strengthen our commitment to drive technology advances and be a leading provider of solutions and service that allow people to live richer, more fulfilling lives.

Get to Know Us Better

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