Contextual Analysis

Convert data into intelligence for a data-driven enterprise

Arriving at Meaningful Insight

Intelligence-driven scenarios, where data is transformed into actionable insight and meaningful results, sound intriguing.
Yet such environments depend on more than the reliable collection of data.

Actual and situation-based modeling is necessary to thoroughly assess the analytical need of an organization. Such evaluations must be conducted across enterprise, IT and information domains as well as knowledge workers to be effective. Collected data must be stored and safeguarded yet be available where and when needed. Dash-boarding and visualization interface programs make for ready-to-read updates and reports that can easily be interpreted and shared. Protocols for putting resulting intelligence into the hands of those who need it are another important consideration
in achieving a data-enable enterprise.

Transformational Insight

With 16+ years of solving complex data management challenges and over 1,400 successful analytics projects, NEC offers best-in-class technology and adaptive strategies to match any analytic requirement.

Closing the gap between conjecture and knowledge becomes possible when you:

Set realistic

Analytical needs must be determined and ranked according to importance and achievable results.

Define preferred

Intuitive reporting relies on identifying and confirming key performance and knowledge indicators

Determine knowledge

Information management rests in putting the power of insight into the hands of those who can use it best.

Understanding core

Self-service applications that deliver personalized report and analytical queries must be scaled to end user aptitude.

Reconcile recurring queries

Automation of routine reports and queries permit time for exploratory analysis and to facilitate ad-hoc requests.

Contextual Analysis - Achieve Needed Insight with Us

Our analytical solutions create highly data-enabled scenarios by helping to:

Capture the essentialsCapture the essentials
Collect and convert real-world assets into digital information for access to reliable and fact-based insight.

Manage the data flowManage the data flow
Apply award-winning data management solutions to deliver on the promise of intelligence capture and predictable returns through increased transparency.

Liberate the knowledgeLiberate the knowledge
Intuitive reporting and self-service applications permit information to be accessed and worked easily and quickly how, when and where needed.

Tailor timingTailor timing
Customizable reports and queries based on set intervals and according to need, speed responsiveness and potential outcomes.

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