A Recognized Innovator

117 years of technical transformation

A Top 50 Innovator

According to 1,500 senior business executives and due to our unwavering investment in research and development, Boston Consulting Group recognized NEC as a leading global innovator with a place on the management consulting company's tenth annual list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world in 2015.

Ranked alongside NEC were other known industry leaders as Apple Google, Telsa Motors, Amazon, Walt Disney Company and DuPont.

"Research and development has been central to NEC since the company was founded in 1899," said Shinsuke Takahashi, President and CEO, NEC Corporation of America. "Making Boston Consulting Group's 50 Most Innovative Companies because of this commitment and the opinions of so many senior executives is a testament to our dedication to positively impact and improve how business operates, society functions and people live, work and communicate."

Our Innovation Credentials

More than 65,000+ patents

5% of total global revenue to R&D each year

USD 1.2 billion spent in R&D in 2015

Nine global research facilities

Nearly 1,000 R&D researchers

Pioneering IT, communications and biometrics technologies

Recent Change-Making Technologies

Early Landslide Risk
Numerical modeling analysis of a wide range of conditions, including the stability of slopes, soil layers, rain data, land use and underground conditions, collected by a network of sophisticated sensors then analyzed in a big data platform, which provides highly accurate landslide risk levels looking forward up to three days in advance.

Health & Wellness Screening
Infrared thermographs, ideal for airport or border checkpoint use, capable of measuring multiple persons' body surface temperature simultaneously without making physical contact and able to identify potential feverish individuals.

Behavior Video Analysis
Highly efficient and user-friendly video analytics technology that monitors behaviors and flags any actions pre-determined as unusual to automatically detect suspicious behavior such as intrusion, loitering, and object abandonment based on user-defined time and location parameters with the ability to distinguish between humans, shadows and moving objects.

Crowd Congestion Management
Proprietary crowd behavior analysis technology analyzes changes in crowd behavior without identifying any individuals and estimates the degree of crowd congestion and detects abnormal crowding as well as flow abnormalities in groups of people using images captured with security cameras.

Other Industry Recognitions

Fortune 2015 Global 500 Ranked: 444

Fortune - 2015
Global 500
Ranked: 444

IndustryWeek - 2015
Largest Manufacturers Worldwide
Ranked: 168th

Thomas Reuters - 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators

Thomas Reuters - 2014
Top 100
Global Innovators

Our Legacy of Innovative Firsts

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