A highly flexible Property Management System (PMS)

A Prudent Investment

By combining essential front office functions with advanced communications, InHotel from NEC delivers a service-oriented environment that promotes premises-based efficiencies that streamline administrative and phone-related tasks to improve the hotel experience.

With InHotel, the property management systems and information essential to running a hotel become simpler to access, understand and act on.

InHotel’s business
advantages include

  • Real-time color-coded calendar views of room reservations and availability.
  • Quick-find filters for fast retrieval of property and guest information.
  • Guest profiling for personalized service across the property.
  • Centralized invoicing of room and amenity charges.
  • Easy customization of room rates.
  • Browser-based around-the-clock system availability.
  • Chrome and Firefox compatibility for convenient accessibility.
  • Simultaneous use by staff and premises facilities.
  • A one-time purchase price.

An Integrated

When purchased as an NEC’s InApps solution on the company’s UNIVERGE® SV9100 or SL2100 communications solutions, hoteliers gain additional advantages, such as:

  • Preinstalled out-of-the-box usability.
  • No additional hardware investment as data is stored in the solution’s central processor.
  • No additional maintenance.
  • Support for up to 120 rooms on the UNIVERGE® SV9100.
  • Support for up to 64 rooms on the SL2100.
  • Access to NEC’s award winning communications platforms solutions.

InHotel’s Call Controls

Configurable property management system for on-premises calls bring added value to hoteliers by increasing property oversight, averting misuse, preventing billing mistakes and ensuring guest care.

With InHotel, hotel staff can:

Automatically set call restrictions based on property or guest preferences.

Auto capture and bill call costs to appropriate guests.

Set rates for on-premises telephone calls.

Allow calls to be consolidated into one account when necessary.

Set-up guest profiles for easy identification and personalized handling.

Monitor wakeup calls whether scheduled in-house or by guests.

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