Achieving Today's Highly-Connected Workforce

Bringing dynamic connectivity to and beyond the enterprise

Simplified Workplace Accessibility

With an increasingly mobile workforce, including a rise in remote and home-based workers,
keeping such a dispersed organization productive and aligned is challenging
Aging and complex infrastructure only exacerbates the situation.

NEC's UNIVERGE® SV9000 Series communications platforms deliver simplified yet robust ecosystems that equip employees with the tools and intuitive access to colleagues, customers, applications and information for anywhere, anytime and on any device availability.

Overcoming Today’s Communications Challenges

Lacking a robust and reliable solution?

NEC can deliver channels of communications tailored to exacting requirements.

Expanding headcount?

NEC's SV9000 Series suite is cost effective from 10 to 192,000 users.

Struggling with complexity?

The SV9000 platforms integrate easily with existing IT networks either as an analogue, digital or IP system.

Looking to cut costs?

Each SV9000 solution supports SIP technology allowing for the elimination of costly PSTN gateways and the need to maintain a separate trunking system for telephony.

Confronted with a multi-generational workforce?

NEC delivers feature-rich telephony as well as strong mobility, homeworking and bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities.

Far Reaching Benefits

Being able to bring increased efficiency, flexibility and productivity to the enterprise, the UNIVERGE SV9000 Series can help transform an organization and enhance its reputation through:

Responsive Employees

Accessibility to adaptive solutions for anytime, anywhere productivity.


Openness and transparency for an informed work environment.

Assured Access

Ready availability to information and applications for dynamic functionality.

Satisfied Customers

Fulfilling requests quickly, easily and correctly for exceptional customer service.

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