Unified Messaging & Voice Mail

Helping staff be more productive no matter where they work

Efficient communications, reduced costs

NEC offers a wealth of unified messaging and voice mail options that help staff be more productive no matter where they happen to be working. NEC's Unified Messaging and Voice Mail solutions speed communication for corporate enterprises as well as for organizations operating in healthcare, hospitality, education, finance and government.

Key benefits Unified Messaging and Voice Mail

Quick call routing
Because our solutions integrate closely with system platforms, calls arrive at their destination more quickly than they do in traditional voice-mail systems

Quick access to voice mail
Employees connect directly to voice mail without encountering main voice-mail greeting.

More message flexibility
Employees can capture messages live, archive them for future access and forward them to another mailbox

Unified messaging features
Users can access and manage their messages on a variety of devices – regardless of the type or origin of the messages received

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