iS3000 Transition

Recharge Your ICT and Transition Your iS3000 System

Is your Communications System past its Prime?

Since its launch in 1983 our acclaimed iS3000 platform has followed a path of solid evolution. It over the years has provided rich communications and networking features and excellent reliability. There comes a time however when it is smart to evolve to the latest, gaining access to the latest productivity-enhancing applications which can improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Delivering on NEC’s promise to protect investments, we have an attractive offer in place as a cost-effective, non-disruptive, easy path to modernize your communications. Take advantage of our latest communication platforms - such as our UNIVERGE 3C, SV9000 Series or SIP@Net server - offering extended functionality and security enhancements.

Some of the immediate benefits of migrating to a newer solution

  • Elevate your Platform
  • Ensure your Business Continuity
  • Discover & Experience RICH NEW Applications

Protect Your Investment & Business and take advantage of the great incentives we now offer.

Contact your NEC representative or Partner for all the details of our special Offer when transitioning from iS3000 to a new NEC UNIVERGE 3C or UNIVERGE SV9000 platform.

Contact your NEC representative or Partner


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