Empower mobile workers with wireless IP DECT communications


Extend the reach of your network and your workforce and integrate IP DECT wireless communications across your organization.

No sweat! With NEC InDECT built in your SV9100 and SL2100 communications server you can easily install, deploy and maintain your on-premise IP DECT system. Specifically aimed at smaller implementations, InDECT makes this extremely easy, offering the full scope of sophisticated wireless communications to smaller organizations.

INdect user &
business benefits

  • Proven and reliable: Business Mobility IP DECT builds on proven and mature technology
  • Cost effective: NEC IP DECT is attractively priced with a simple low cost system license.
  • Integrated: InDECT is fully integrated in NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 and SL2100 communications servers. No separate IT servers needed.
  • Rich functionality: NEC InDECT provides all the richness of sophisticated wireless communications
  • Easy install, deployment and management: the web browser-based application minimises installation effort by retrieving PBX settings like regional settings, tone plan, SIP settings etc.

easy installation, deployment and maintenance

As one of NEC’s InApps fully integrated on your UNIVERGE SV9100 or SL2100 communications solutions, InDECT is a toolset that allows easy installation, deployment and maintenance of an IP DECT system.

  • Preinstalled out-of-the-box usability.
  • Built-in / embedded application
  • Browser-based & available 24 / 7
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • No extra PC / Server required - data is stored on the CPU
  • Save on hardware costs & IT maintenance
  • Install an IP DECT system of up to 32 Access Points and 64 handsets.

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