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Moving Forward in a COVID-19 World

As we consider how best to reopen the economy country by country, organizations need to assess what their new reality will look like too.

Some business practices that proved so effective during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue even after employees return to the office. Other routines will transform to effectively tackle lingering effects from the Coronavirus.

Accessibility Will Remain a Priority

Business continuity will perform depending on employee responsiveness. Intelligent call management handled through fixed mobile convergence can make all the difference. This is probably best demonstrated with NEC's UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client solution.

Whether it is a single number reach, smartphone call management and device-based video conferencing, establishing and maintaining a mobile point of contact keeps employees easily reachable and productive regardless of their location.

Flexibility Matters Even More

The Coronavirus demonstrated the importance of being operationally nimble. Simply put, with the potential to right size, upgrade and migrate rapidly, cloud computing with its ample delivery services can be a compelling alternative to traditional self-managed infrastructure.

Agility proved important early in the pandemic for those organizations facing stay-at-home orders that found themselves having to quickly transition employees to telecommuting workers.

NEC's soon to be released UNIVERGE BLUE cloud services exemplifies such flexibility with its communications, collaboration and data management solutions. By offering scalable performance and functionality based on demand, cloud makes adapting quickly when absolutely necessary simpler.

Connecting on a Personal Level

Video conferencing - whether the SV9100’s built-in WebRTC collaboration including screen-share or the more feature-rich InUC with IM and presence - proved essential throughout COVID-19 by allowing employees, customers and business partners to feel engaged and supported during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

NEC users can also look forward to the upcoming cloud-based UNIVERGE BLUE MEET with a host of advanced features such as Virtual Assistant. Using artificial intelligence and speech recognition, this helps to capture your meeting audio and transcribe it for you with task summaries in case you forgot to take notes.

Even as employees return on-site, the convenience and ease in sharing and chatting will continue to make video conferencing a prudent investment. In office settings, such connectivity can even be supported with a simple desktop update like NEC's GT890 video telephone.

A New Standard in Customer Service

While the hope is for things to return to normal quickly, certain functions won't immediately be the same way as before. Instead new ways of doing business will emerge, like replacing physical interactions with contactless ones.

At NEC, we are committed to promoting positive change on a social, enterprise, government and personal level. As we all adjust to our new reality, we will continue to innovate to help solve some of our most pressing of challenges through our advanced solutions and services.

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