The Smart Approach to Modernizing Your Communications in a Cost-Conscious World

In the current economic climate, organizations are becoming increasingly cost conscious and risk averse. With persistent inflation, geopolitical tensions, and fear of a global recession, businesses are looking to optimize their costs and reduce their risk. In response to rising interest rates, labor, material and energy costs, companies are re-evaluating their balance sheets and looking for ways to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses, including IT infrastructure and office space.

Achieving Cost Optimization

One way organizations can achieve cost optimization is by embracing As-a-Service models. This allows businesses to invest only in what is needed now and to trim up-front costs, leaving options open for future expansion or contraction. This flexible cost attribution allows for easier financial management and predictable overall monthly costs, as well as reducing Capex investments in equipment, space and resources.

Rather than being drawn in by the technology alone, companies are therefore more than ever appreciating the cost savings and business opportunities brought by Cloud communications solutions. With a fully integrated platform that includes all collaboration and communications needs at one predictable, monthly per user fee, businesses can now enjoy the benefits of a modern communication infrastructure while keeping costs under control.

Smart Transition to Modern Solutions

A strong demand remains to leverage existing infrastructures with incremental applications that are compatible and easy to adopt. Smart enterprises will seek vendors that offer a non-disruptive path of smart transition and provide the full range of communications and collaboration solutions, while offering options to choose between an on-premises infrastructure, a cloud-based solution, or a hybrid model.

This allows organizations to modernize their communications while retaining their existing investments and integrating new solutions, such as those based on flexible Opex subscription-based cost attribution models. This approach offers a cost-effective way to keep pace with the latest technology and to remain competitive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Providing even more flexibility and a smooth evolution is the capability to add cloud-based solutions to existing on-premises systems, preserving investments and extending functionality with integrated video conferencing, chat, file sharing/backup, smart workspace management and more.

Freedom of Choice

NEC’s long-time strategy is to provide customers with a full range of communications and collaboration solutions with freedom of choice for a fully on-premises infrastructure, a 100% public cloud subscription-based solution, or a hybrid model that combines the best of both worlds. NEC has a solutions portfolio, the expertise, and a business model that ensures customers can always be served with tailored solutions based on their specific business evolution and IT requirements.

Organizations looking to modernize their communications in a cost-conscious world can benefit greatly from a smart approach that leverages existing infrastructures and provides the flexibility and freedom of choice to choose the right solution for their specific needs.

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