Thin Client Terminals

Client terminals that help to create a system to meet environment-specific requirements

Create a secure and highly productive working environment

Ensuring security and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are no longer fads - they are essentials for any business looking to grow. As an effective solution to both of these issues, thin client systems are rapidly gaining in popularity. Thin client solutions eliminate the need for data storage on client terminals by consolidating data and applications that have traditionally been stored on individual PCs. Not only does this minimize the risk of information leaks, it also enables centralized management of multiple terminals, thus reducing operational costs. NEC’s thin client system brings you tremendous growth opportunities.

Thin client system

Enhanced data security - All data is securely stored on a server to reduce the risk of data loss by end-users.

Efficient centralized management - Installation of software and patches is performed in batch on the server by a single administrator

Get connected anywhere - Users can access their own desktop environment from any available client. Work can be continued at alternative locations during pandemics and disasters

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