Software Defined Networking for Enterprises

Simple. Scalable. Open.

Hyperconverged Transformation:
Getting the Software-defined Data Center Right

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solves existing network problems to enable highly complex social systems and increasingly intricate systems built with information and communications technology (ICT) to be constructed more simply and flexibly.

Business Benefits of SDN

Software-defined networking (SDN) has demonstrated the capacity to turn the network into an enabler of modern IT environments and business needs and not a bottleneck.

The concept of SDN is to externalize the control plane to a centralized controller or other service. By centralizing the controller or service, opening APIs, and using software to program the network, SDN can help to eliminate the manual processes, configuration inflexibility, and latency challenges associated with device-centric networking.

Why SDN for Enterprises

  • Cost Effective and Flexible Approach
  • Automation increases IT agility
  • Application Aware
  • Abstraction of Infrastructure

What’s in it for me?

  • Reduction of  network operations cost by 80%
  • Reduction of troubleshooting time by 94%
  • Reduction of  17 racks of server equipment down to 8
  • Consolidation from 40 switches to 8
  • Quickly roll out of an advanced multifactor authentication and monitoring services thanks to network flexibility

Help Shape The Future Of SDN

Join the NEC SDN Partner Space, an open SDN applications ecosystem, and help redefine the rules imposed by traditional flat networks and shape tomorrow's virtualized network environment.

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