NEC ProgrammableFlow Switch

The Simple Solution for Complex Networks

OpenFlow/SDN Software Defined Networking

Award-Winning High Performance – A powerful, hybrid, multi-layer switch. It can integrate into a legacy environment. Or it functions fully with OpenFlow-enabled benefits behind NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller. ProgrammableFlow SDN automates and simplifi es network administration for greater business agility, and provides a network-wide programmable interface for unifying the deployment and management of network services with the rest of IT infrastructure. This open network architecture separates the network control plane from the data plane – centralizing and streamlining network administration.

Networking Challenges in the Cloud

In today’s data center and cloud environment, new business demands and new innovations in compute infrastructure have increased the strains on data center networks.  Economies of scale and improvements in governance are driving demand for IT infrastructure that can handle a variety of workloads.  But building networks that enable these benefits is a challenge. Current network equipment lacks flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic business demands, making it difficult to provision and even harder to manage the multitenant networks that cloud services require.

Key Features

  • OpenFlow - By managing route control features in a centralized way at the controller, The system develops and deploys simple and fl exible network based on new network technology for next generation data center.
    - OpenFlow version 1.3.1 / 1.0.0
    - Large capacity fl ow table
    - Multiple tables and multiple hit (standard group/visualization group/QoS group)
    - IPv6/MPLS, Arbitrarily wildcard bit, Policing action
    - VLAN confi guration, Packet-in message auto-suppression, Fast link-failure recovery
  • Full-wire-rate packet forwarding - It makes eff ective packet forwarding that hardware executes OpenFlow features, searching flow entry and performing action.
  • Compatibility - Normal LAN features (multilayer switch, IP router functionality etc.) and OpenFlow features can coexist.

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