Software Defined Anything

A value shift towards universal access

The Dynamics of Connectivity

Supporting a truly responsive infrastructure is anything but straightforward. Today's network topologies must contend with
desktop terminals, remote laptops, tablets, smartphones and even the potential of bring your own device (BYOD).

Software defined anything, also known as SDX, might encourage productivity growth through increased network access from
a range of portable and traditional devices. Yet such openness comes with challenges. Any missteps can put reputation and valued assets at risk. While extending network use promotes greater workforce performance and enterprise agility, network administrators must determine potential security threats and take the steps needed to minimize such risks.

Transformational Insight

As a leader in the SDN space and with a rich heritage of mainframe and supercomputer development, NEC has real-world experience delivering innovative solutions that answer today's complex IT infrastructure computing challenges.

Eliminating manual and error-prone processes inherent to conventional networks become possible when you:

Take a unified

Centralizing and automating control of the network eliminates manual processes and complex protocols that slow administration response time.

Provide high

Distributed virtual routing eliminates bottlenecks associated with traditional network design for line rate optimal traffic forwarding.

Go for open

Settle on solutions certified by the Open Networking Foundation to ensure ongoing architectural integrity and application and platform dexterity.

Select enhanced

Virtual Tenant Network technology enables isolated and secure virtual networks, eliminating the complexity and trade-offs in traditional network security design.

Realize a dynamic

SDN solutions centralize and automate control of the network to eliminate fragile and complex protocols and manual, error-prone processes.

A Streamlined Experience - Achieve Readily Available Access with Us

Our globally recognized network and data management solutions create scalability and secure environments by helping to:

Realize a dynamic environmentRealize a dynamic environment
SDN solutions centralize and automate control of the network to eliminate fragile and complex protocols and manual, error-prone processes.

Protect accessibilityProtect accessibility
High availability and integrated disaster recovery software minimize system outages to recover quickly should disaster strike to protect critical applications and data.

Simplify data managementSimplify data management
Highly efficient storage and server solutions deliver performance and data resiliency that solve present and long-term data challenges while supporting storage-intensive workloads.

Rapid response Rapid response
Flexible cloud solutions allow rapid deployment of required infrastructure to deliver the best possible service in the workspace and to customers.

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