Smart WorkSpace

The Future of Work

The digital experience that 
gives your business a distinctive edge

For years, the promise of a seamless, personalized, digital employee workspace has been just that – a promise, an “emerging opportunity”, a “potentially transformative capability”, a “visionary objective.” It’s time to transform the untapped possibilities into tangible business value and competitive advantage. NEC is uniquely capable of delivering on that promise and make the digital workspace a reality right now.

NEC’s Smart WorkSpace makes it easy for employees to work the way they want to work. Using the device of their choice, it gives them fast, easy access to mobile apps, web apps, hosted apps, and data.Everyone wins with NEC’s Smart WorkSpace. Employees are more engaged and productive. IT can provide better service, cut costs, and enhance its reputation. And the business can reduce the cost of office space and win the war for talent at the same time.

NEC Smart WorkSpace

Start anywhere, move ahead at your own pace

One of the key advantages of NEC Smart WorkSpace is the breadth of solutions offered and the flexible deployment options. We offer both project-based consulting and managed services, and you can start anywhere and progress at your own pace.

For Employees

  • They can work wherever they want to work, with the devices and apps they choose
  • Services are easier to access and seamless, personalized, and predictive
  • Employees are more engaged, satisfied, productive – and more likely to refer the company to peers

For IT

  • Enhances IT’s reputation in the eyes of users and business leaders
  • Makes it faster to deploy new services, shortening time-to-value and spurring innovation
  • Accelerates processes such as employee onboarding/offboarding, so IT can focus on other priorities

For the Enterprise

  • Boosts productivity and employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Enhances a company’s state-of-the-art reputation
  • Provides a platform for further innovation and new services

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