Embracing IP with open versatile communications

Clear commitment to investment protection and continuous innovation

SIP@Net is proven, scalable and open call processing software that provides your organization with a Unified Communications engine running on any industry standard Windows based server. Building on the rich functionality of iS3000, it offers open versatile communications. Simply add extensions and new functionality (such as instant messaging and video) as and when you need it, or equip new offices or sites with a full server-based solution.

Anyway you choose

Using open standards in IP telephony enables the use of SIP phones available in the marketplace: fixed SIP phones, SIP softphones, SIP video phones, SIP VoWLAN phones, SIP conference bridges and of course NEC’s unique SIP DECT system. With group functionality across SIP terminals extensive group work is also. Cost reduction can be realized using operators’ SIP networks and break-out gateways at competitive tariffs versus ISDN or analogue trunk lines for incoming and outgoing traffic.

SIP@Net provides

  • Access to the latest standards such as SIP
  • Peer-to-peer connection to SIP-based devices such as wired & wireless phones, SIP gateways, softphones and IP DECT radios
  • Support of video communication and SIP-based user-to-user messaging
  • SIP-based trunk access via IP providers to external telephone extensions
  • Networking with well-known TDM features over an IP infrastructure
  • IP telephony to the users desk including e.g. IP softphones

Special Software Assurance Offer

  • Protect your investment and ensure Smooth Operations
  • Leverage latest available Functionality
  • Simplify Budget Planning and achieve Greater Value

Valid up to 31 March 2022:

  • First time enrollments charged a max of 3 months reinstatement fee
  • Renewals charged a max of 3 months reinstatement fee


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