Software defined WAN management

Operational Adeptness

NEC's SD-WAN, comprised of network devices from industry leader Infovista, solves the challenge of delivering cost effective bandwidth while helping to ensure critical applications coexist efficiently and securely even during network congestion.

WAN operating costs are reduced while application quality of experience is maintained by replacing expensive links with tight Service Level Agreements (SLA) with cheaper broadband/LTE connections. By simultaneously and automatically monitoring, controlling, accelerating and selecting the best path for all applications across two or more available networks based on enterprise objectives, application performance is safeguarded and greater network return on investment becomes achievable.

NEC SD-WAN offers

  • Greater visibility to understand usage and performance of applications.
  • Insight to pinpoint the reason of potential performance issues.
  • Increased control by aligning application requirements with business objectives and network resources.
  • Dynamic WAN selection based on real-time conditions of hybrid WAN.
  • Centralized management up to 1000+ sites.

Planned Compatibility

In the future, NEC’s SD-WAN will integrate with our Software Defined Networking Enabled Unified Communications (UC-SDN) solution, allowing WAN selection decisions to improve unified communications performance based on individual calls and call prioritization.

What WAN efficiencies can we bring to your organization?

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