NIAS - NEC Information Assessment System

Streamlining File Server Data and Enhancing Security

NIAS reports file server capacity usage in easy-to-understand graphs

NIAS helps enterprises organize and delete unused data, thereby reducing data capacity by 20 to 30% per year and helps enterprises detect and adjust inappropriate access permissions, thereby reducing information security risks.

Effortlessly analyze and organize file server data

  • Predicts when file server capacity will run out.
  • Provides features to verify the effects of capacity reductions and track capacity changes.
  • Provides recommendations on how to most effectively organize files.
  • Reports difference data (capacity or access rights) from the previous check.

Organize and delete files based on analysis results

  • Quickly identifies causes of bloating.
  • Conditions can be changed on the spot, enabling real-time analysis.
  • Provides a rich lineup of analysis features including cross-tabulation and reduction effectiveness simulation.
  • Quick and easy report output.

Request file users to organize data

  • Administrators can check lists of unused files identified through NIAS visualization features.
  • Administrators can notify users of the candidate files for organization.

Automatic organization

  • Implements scheduled file organization based on a specified organization policy.
  • Moves files that have not been accessed for a long time to secondary storage.

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