HyperConverged Infrastructure

One highly efficient and intelligent turn-key solution

Greater Aptitude

By combining storage, computing and networking into a single integrated system, NEC’s HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI), powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 software, transforms and simplifies data and storage management. It replaces arduous fragmented infrastructure with one intuitive, centralized solution.    

Built on the company’s high-density dual-socket modular server – the D120h - and Scale Computing’s intelligent HC3 operating system, NEC HCI delivers cloud-like economy and scalability without sacrificing control of on-site systems. A single pane of glass console delivers advanced visibility for increased transparency and ease of management.

Optimal Flexibility

NEC HCI comes in 3 pre-configured level of configuration. Prepackaged models can be modified to meet specific requirements.


  • Compute
    8 Cores
  • RAM
  • Storage (RAW)
    SSD 2 x 480GB / HDD 4 x 600GB 10K
  • Network
    4 x 10GbE SFP+


  • Compute
    10 Cores
  • RAM
  • Storage(RAW)
    SSD 2 x 960GB / HDD 4 x 1.2 TB 10K
  • Network
    4 x 10GbE SFP+


  • Compute
    20 Cores
  • RAM
  • Storage(RAW)
    SSD 2 x 1.92TB / HDD 4 x 1.8 TB 10K
  • Network
    4 x 10GbE SFP+

Core Deliverables

Ease of Procurement

Prepackaged models make for easy implementation.

Low Cost
Entry Point

Price includes all hardware and software support.

Simplified Installation

Server nodes are factory installed so unit only needs to be turned on and IP information provided.


Appliance licensing is node based, not CPU or VM.


NEC’s 4 node in 2U is unique within the HCI industry.


Provides an easy path from VMware/Hyper-V with our world-class support.

The HC3 Difference

  • Intelligent storage pooling so there is nothing to configure.
  • No virtual storage appliance architecture for a hyper-efficient input/output path.
  • Hypervisor included - no 3rd party licensing.
  • 24/7/365 in-house ScaleCare support assures optimal assistance.
  • Cloud integration with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Native Backup/DR features and DRaaS capabilities.
  • No storage, high availability, virtualization, data repository expertise required.
  • Flexibility in building clusters from differing nodes.

Backup & Disaster Protection

The HC3 component of NEC HCI delivers fully automated redundancy and recovery to minimize planned and unplanned system outages.

Protections include

  • Instant restore using agentless VM-level snapshot
  • Continuous VM-level replication with manual failover
  • Five-minute recovery point objective and recovery time
  • Remote snapshot replication and point in time rollback

Keeping Business Up & Running

Learn how NEC's HyperConverged Infrastructure, powered by Scale Computing's HC3 software, can provide a single turnkey solution that combines server, storage, networking and virtualization technology in one easy-to-manage package.

NEC's 'Datacenter-in-a-Box'

Explore how NEC is combining storage, computing and networking into a single integrated system to bring resource and cost savings with our HCI solution.

What efficiencies can your organization realize with NEC IHC?

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