NEC Smart Enterprise Drivers 2018

Find out NEC’s Top 10 Strategic Drivers impacting your operations and learn how to navigate through these changes to gain competitive advantage, simplify your IT environment and enable Innovation. With so many disruptive changes to the market, the question now stands: will you transform smartly or be left behind?

As an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader with more than 115 years of excellence, NEC is sharing its views on trends and technologies that are unfurling in order to help your Smart Enterprise to anchor new strategic investments. This starts with a stable, flexible foundation as your business changes to provide superior customer services with a more flexible, secure and mobile workforce.

Ensuring business continuity is one of the most essential facets of the Smart and Secure Enterprise. Hybrid Cloud Services, Real-Time Collaboration and Smart, High Available Devices are all part of a rapidly evolving technology foundation by means of
which NEC is enabling new approaches to how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed, providing new ways for businesses to grow.

“Top 10 Smart Enterprise Drivers offer valuable guidance to your organization and your operations in the coming years.”

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