NEC Lone Worker Solution fully certified by German DGUV Test Institute in compliance with DIN VDE 0825-1

Successfully tested application ensures highly secure wireless staff protection

Hilversum, 11th of July, 2018 – NEC Enterprise Solutions, a global leader in Enterprise Communications & IT Solutions, today announced that its IP DECT based Lone Worker Solution is now fully certified by the German DGUV Test body to comply in accordance with the stringent DIN VDE 0825-1 and AfPS GS 2014:01 PAK norms (before also referred to as BGR139)

Full compliance based on rigid testing
Rigid compliance tests executed by the German DGUV test institute have certified full compliance of NEC’s Lone Worker solution which is based on NEC IP DECT wireless infrastructure, NEC I766 DECT handsets, location detection beacons and a MobiCall alarm server from New Voice. NEC and New Voice closely worked together to support the full set of specific features required for VDE 0825.

The certification ensures individuals in risky or remote locations using NEC’s wireless staff protection system of the highest degree of safety and security. These ‘lone workers’ are protected by means of effective alarming and surveillance that is based on mobile communications, messaging and monitoring at the moment and place of need.

NEC Lone Worker Solution
When involved in a dangerous situation, an NEC IP DECT user can raise an alarm by simply pressing the SOS button or pulling the pull cord on the I766 handset. Besides alarms that can be raised by the user, there are also alarms generated autonomously by external causes like man-down or no-movement. The MobiCall alarm server receives the alarms and will show these, provide acoustic alarming and escalate. It will also monitor/guard the correct working of the lone worker solution and log the details. All alarms are reported to a central alarm panel (dashboard), so that the person monitoring the panel can arrange immediate and appropriate help to the person in need. This alarm panel is the point where all personal safety information comes together. Any user alarm raised is signaled immediately, while optionally the location of the user is made visible as well.

Key features of NEC’s Lone Worker Solution include:
> Check-in process of employees into the Lone Worker solution ensuring handset and monitoring operation
> After the check in lone workers are informed about the monitoring state and attendance of the alarm panel
> Handset alarm tools, manually as well as automatically operated (SOS, Pull-cord, man-down, no-movement and a loud handset alarm signal)
> Monitoring of lone workers on a central alarm panel, showing status and location allowing to provide immediate aid
> Automatic notification of I766 low battery and out of coverage
> NEC’s proven DECT technology

NEC IP DECT offers highest security standards
NEC IP DECT offers a full range of handsets providing a variety of functionality to protect and inform staff, such as by SOS key, pull-cord, man-down, alarm text messaging with confirmation and localization solutions. The handsets provide simple plug and play deployment thanks to programmable micro SD-cards and over-the-air provisioning of firmware and features. The infrastructure of IP DECT Access Points allow for Automatic Access Point discovery, synchronization & configuration, making NEC wireless solutions easy to install and maintain.

The NEC portfolio includes the MobiCall platform of New Voice. MobiCall is a unified event application, offering a variety of solutions for alarming, messaging and task management. NEC and New Voice have been partners for many years, leading to a rich integration such as for Lone Worker and Push-to-Talk solutions.


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