NEC IP DECT fully certified for interoperability with Avaya

Avaya and Nortel customers can now comfortably revitalize their existing IP DECT wireless systems

Hilversum, 19th of July, 2017 – NEC Enterprise Solutions, a global leader in Enterprise Communications & IT solutions, today announced that with the introduction of Release 6.41 R3 the acclaimed NEC IP DECT wireless solutions are now fully certified and available for interoperability with Avaya Aura, IP Office and CS1000 systems.

With NEC IP DECT being the defacto global leading wireless solution and the most cost-effective on the market, this is excellent news for Avaya customers seeking to expand or upgrade their system by taking advantage of NEC’s comprehensive range of wireless handsets, technologies and applications.

Full interoperability in Avaya DevConnect program
Rigid compliance tests in the Avaya DevConnect compliance testing program have certified full interoperability between NEC’s IP DECT 6.41 and Avaya IP Office and Avaya Aura systems. Certification includes all NEC handsets, NEC AP400 and AP400E Access Points (as well as AP400C with Avaya IP Office) using TCP/UDP and TLS/SRTP. NEC is moreover the sole vendor offering full compatibility with Avaya Aura High Availability options.

NEC IP DECT offers a full range of attractively priced handsets with simple plug and play deployment thanks to programmable micro SD-cards and over-the-air provisioning of firmware. Automatic Access Point discovery, synchronization & configuration make NEC wireless solutions easy to install and maintain. A unique hot-spot mode allows installing Access Points just where needed, without the need for a full network survey.

NEC’s open DMLS (DECT Messaging and Location Services) interface work with many application and middleware systems and enables sophisticated alarming (man-down, push-to-talk), text messaging and lone worker/ duress protection. NEC is furthermore known to comply with highest security standards.

Attractive migration for Avaya and Nortel customers
With this certification NEC IP DECT offers interesting migration scenarios for existing CS1000 customers. Avaya/Nortel CS1000 IP DECT can now be upgraded to allow for a mix of existing APs and handsets and new NEC AP400 AP’s and new NEC handsets. The upgraded systems are compatible with both the installed Avaya systems as well as prepared for a future swap to a new communication server (Avaya Aura, IP Office or NEC server). Nortel CS1000 DECT customers can take advantage of this perfect migration revitalizing their solution while protecting previous investments.

With NEC IP DECT being fully certified for seamless integration with Avaya communication servers under the Avaya DevConnect program, users don’t have to worry about rewiring or further network costs. Existing handsets, generally representing a large part of the value of the system, can be re-used in an upgrade to NEC IP DECT.


For more information please contact NEC Enterprise Solutions:

Robert van Amerongen   Annick Reyngoudt
Tel: +31 35 689 1521   Tel: +33 6 89 49 06 77

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