NEC empowers customer base with UNIVERGE 3C

Significantly reduces the end-user training costs associated with mass displacements" />

Unique integration of UNIVERGE 3C and SIP@Net delivers an unrivaled solution for NEC customers


Hilversum, 7 April 2014 – NEC, global leader in enterprise communications, today announced it has integrated its award winning UNIVERGE 3C with existing SIP@Net and iS3000 telephony systems, enabling its millions of users to take advantage of the 3C’s UC&C capabilities without disrupting their existing telephony systems. This integration empowers users’ desktop phones, regardless of type, with UC&C controls that are unmatchable by any competitive solution in the market.

NEC’s approach is important for the many customers that are interested to take advantage of UC&C capabilities in their business but hesitate to do so. Their hesitation is often founded on the risks and disruption required to completely displace their existing communication platform – a requirement when introducing competing solutions. NEC has recognized this need and has eliminated the concerns for business disruption, while providing all the upsides of powerful, fully integrated UC&C tools.

“This approach is yet another example of how NEC is empowering Smart Enterprises and this innovation further illustrates NEC’s attention to the specific needs of its customers and their business”, said Paul Kievit, President and Head of NEC Enterprise Solutions

Empowering Business with UC & Collaboration
As organizations and employees seek to be more connected with one-another and enhance responsiveness to markets and customers, the need for more powerful tools arises and IT organizations are seeking ways to enable them. One of the most common initiatives is to move from traditional communications technology to a Unified Communications & Collaboration solution. However, the transition to UC&C often means a process of replacing existing telephony systems, sometimes still operational and with their investments still on the accounting books.

By leveraging its UNIVERGE 3C UC&C software platform in conjunction with iS3000/SIP@Net, NEC has developed a unique and rich integration between these two – giving organizations powerful new collaboration tools that move their business environment into the Smart Enterprise.


Transformation to the Future
NEC’s approach puts the complete UNIVERGE 3C solution into operation when used to empower existing iS3000/SIP@Net environments. The result is an investment in the future and one that empowers IT organizations and their businesses to evolve their infrastructure towards a complete virtualized software UC&C environment at a pace that is right for their business.  Even existing SIP@Net phones (including ErgoLine) can be re-commissioned as an integral part of the UNIVERGE 3C system. Users can keep their current office telephone numbers, while further leveraging  these assets.


A Unique and Unrivaled Integration
The clever integration of NEC’s iS3000/SIP@Net telephony systems with UNIVERGE 3C helps organizations achieve several key goals as part of their forward business planning:

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