Hotel Fire Protection and Mobilization - Sleep (safely) on IT!

Being responsible for a hotel, your primary concern – besides guest satisfaction – is your guests’ safety.

If a fire breaks out in a hotel, it puts dozens of people’s lives at risk. Guests aren’t familiar with the building and may even be asleep when a fire occurs, which puts them at even more risk. An incident that gets out of control can damage your business irreparably.

When fire kills, it usually takes victims of negligence. But by applying sufficient fire safety measures in a hotel, tragedy can be prevented.

Prevent tragedy without discomforting guests

It is mandatory for all hotel managers to assess fire risks in their hotel and all hotels must legally have a fire detection and alarm system in place. Adequate control measures need to be implemented to prevent fires from starting and enable people to evacuate safely if one does.

Ensuring safety in hotels remains however a delicate balance. The question is: how can you assure safety and security in a hospitable and welcoming way, without discomforting and frightening your guests?

The answer is simple. You need devices that quickly detect the first sign of a fire, signal this automatically in a secure and structured way and lead your guests and staff safely out of the danger zone. The installed fire protection system and its supporting infrastructure has to be highly reliable – not only to timely and clearly signal in an unfortunate event, but also because nothing can be more disturbing and annoying than a false alarm.

So although the answer seems simple, the system and its implementation needs sophistication and care.

Secure system

With NEC’s Smart Hospitality Alarm and Mobilization solution, every hotel can guarantee and assure that if an event occurs, the responsible contacts are informed instantly and adequately in order to - if necessary - enable speedy and secure evacuation. The NEC solution is fully integrated with the in-house PBX/voice system and its resilient on-site wireless IP DECT network. Powerful text and alarm messaging capabilities provide a wide variety of applications including individual messages to terminals, broadcast messages to a group of terminals and confirmation messages by the user.

Not just fire protection

NEC’s Alarm and Mobilization solution can interface with any PBX solution, as well as with practically any fire-alarm or building management/engineering system. Its advanced messaging and routing capabilities makes it a practical solution that efficiently addresses many scenarios. These scenarios include for example:

  • an elevator which is stuck
  • lighting not functioning properly in the parking garage
  • a CCTV alert after having spot intruders or suspicious people on the hotel’s premises
  • air conditioning not working in a meeting room

Even normal maintenance/engineering and guest-service requests, such as a defect bedside lamp or a request for an extra towel, can be addressed by the solution. While Alarming & Mobilization is a must, the wider application of the wireless infrastructure and messaging solution greatly increases hotel staff efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Up-to-date technology is not only a must for hoteliers around the world in order to comply to latest security and safety standards, but also instrumental in driving staff efficiency and guest satisfaction. The flexibility and integration possibilities of present day technology, bring advanced solutions within reach of practically all hotels, from small to large. NEC’s innovative power and dedication to the Hospitality industry has made Smart Hospitality solutions available that no hotelier can afford to ignore.

To learn more about NEC’s Fire Protection and Safety solutions download Safety in Hotels brochure below.

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