Smart Retail Solutions

Growing in-store business depends on seamlessly meeting customer expectations

Enriching the Customer Experience

NEC's smart retail solutions work to build a better understanding of customers through seamless and responsive in-store experiences that simultaneously create deeper customer loyalty and better business results faster.

Transforming Experiences Worldwide

Our smart point-of-sale (POS) and mobile retail solutions are designed to boost in-store performance, reduce operating costs and enable quick and efficient services for both single and multi-location operations.

We are working to enhance customer experiences globally at retail venues such as:

Department Stores

Convenience Stores

Specialty Stores

Amusement Parks


Cinema Complexes


Smart Responsive Results

With 30+ years of experience providing innovative solutions to smart retailers, NEC works with 100,000+ retail stores worldwide to improve their in-store and customer service. Our retail end-to-end portfolio of hardware, software and support solutions are:

Memorable Retail Experiences

With NEC's integrated retail hardware, software and support solutions, in-store customer experiences become more positive and memorable, increasing the likelihood of repeat and ongoing patronage, greater store loyalty and even a willingness to try new product offerings. Our retail solutions ensure the maximum level of efficient interaction by helping to:

Increase face time
Our end-to-end solutions free sales associates to focus on the customer by optimizing and streamlining inventory management and transparency.

Reduce wait time
Our intuitive POS terminals speed checkout time and get customers on their way without unnecessary delay.

Real-time responsiveness
With our mobile solutions, store managers and associates have access to real-time data and order taking direct from the store floor to respond immediately and more intimately to customer requests.


Making the Customer Connection

NEC's integrated retail solutions work to enable retailers to transform their in-store experiences where convenience and more immediate assistance turn them from browsing to sales destinations. Our retail solutions deliver adaptive alternatives by helping to:

Break the mold
Our space-saving POS terminals permit forgoing traditional cashier desks for conveniently dispersed checkout locations.

Meet a need
Our support services can customize solutions modeled to specific in-store or customer preferences to service customers more to their liking.

Close the deal
Our rugged, lightweight sales tablets with accurate barcode scanning and real-time data access help to turn interest into sales opportunities through fast and informed assistance.


Adaptability to React

Seamless, connected and personalized customer experiences can become a reality with our NEC mobile solutions specifically developed for the retail environment. Our mobile offerings make fulfilling customer expectations and demands easier by helping to:

Be proactive
Our compact lightweight rugged tablets get associates out from behind the sales desk to where the customers are for closer more personalized encounters.

Take it local
Our ability to deliver on-demand area reports empowers local-level decisions to maximize sales on a per-market or per-store basis.

Get the word out
Our mobile store applications supply flexible tools to produce sophisticated retail promotions on the fly to drive in-store customer interest and awareness .


Service That Promotes

Whether it is attentive assistance or a smooth sales transaction, NEC's hardware, software and support services work to deliver the best in-store experience possible with memorable customer encounters that make them want to return. Our retail solutions help create favorable customer impressions by helping to:

Offer alternatives
Our software with the ability to supply accurate information such as inventory availability increases potential upselling opportunities.

Empower associates
Our mobile tablets turn sales associates into knowledge workers making them credible brand advocates in the eyes of customers.

Support ongoing performance
Our support services with the ability to proactively monitor and supply preventive services guard against in-store service disruptions to help prevent customer disappointment.


A Deeper Dive

With NEC's free and informative briefs, key trends within the retail sector are examined and explained to provide meaningful understanding on how to move forward without missing important opportunities.

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