Smart Healthcare

Smart healthcare providers commit to role-enabled technologies for superior efficiency and patient care

Elevating Patient Management

NEC's smart healthcare solutions improve the quality of patient care through enhanced patient handling. These solutions enable healthcare providers to deliver the right medical treatment faster.

Driving Clinician Productivity

With NEC's field-tested solutions and services medical care becomes optimized through:

Better patient insight
Seamless integration of patient data drives ready access to comprehensive medical records.

Improved staff cooperation
Presence-enabled messaging promotes faster responses and improved patient outcomes.

Reliable assured services
Full infrastructure redundancy delivers disaster preparedness and mission-critical continuance.

Healthcare Customers That Rely On NEC

5 Communication Challenges
for Care Homes

7 Communication Challenges
for Medical Centres

5 Communication Challenges
for Dentists

Tailored Solutions for the Healthcare Community

Working with NEC provides access to healthcare-specific communications and IT solutions aimed at improving healthcare provider productivity, generating cost savings and creating an environment where efficiency and responsiveness fosters patient wellbeing.

Our healthcare team has the expertise, tools, services and technologies suited to the following healthcare sectors:

Synchronized Teamwork

With our collaborative solutions highly-connected healthcare organizations are created where internal talent and resources can respond quickly to patient caseloads and ailments. Our messaging and collaboration solutions result in a smarter more responsiveness environment by helping to:

Redefine access
Robust voice features and sophisticated unified communications and collaboration applications enable healthcare workers to self manage how, when and where to be reached while flexible call routing dispatches callers promptly and accurately.

Optimize processes
Telehealth programs are realized with end-to-end workflows capable of linking services and information between dispersed organizational and geographic locations.

Distributed insight
Data gathered from nurse call systems become time-sensitive alerts for better insight into patient needs and care being provided.

Information Enabled

Through our data management solutions information and patient privacy which is central to any reputable healthcare organization becomes protected yet accessible. Our data management technologies provide the reliability needed to support information-intensive workloads by helping to:

Ensure continuance
Critical information becomes highly available when supported by our modular five 9's redundancy server hardware components.

Manage information
Large volumes of data become securely stored and backed up using our scalable, resilient and highly efficient grid and SAN storage solutions.

Simplify control
Automation and simplification of network administration becomes possible and easier to monitor and manage with our software-defined networking controllers and switches.

Protective Measures

Creating an environment that is safe for patients and personnel while also guarding against the potential loss of on-site assets is achievable with solutions from our healthcare portfolio. By collaborating with leading vendors, our technologies enable the protective practices needed by helping to:

Monitor individuals
By tracking patient activity our technologies enable individuals to be monitored as they move through the different stages of care being provided.

Nurse Call
A press of a button on a smart communication device or a mobile handset will instantly alert relevant staff of a patient in need including location details and escalation options via a variety of media.

Protect staff
Should employees find themselves at risk our notification solutions identify their precise location enabling immediate and appropriate action to be taken.

Safeguard assets
Loss prevention of critical medical equipment becomes possible through our solutions capable of monitoring the locations of highly-valued assets.

Video Case Study: Appletree Medical Practice

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